Review: Do more, Code less with Thesis

by Firas Steitiyeh on October 3, 2009

It took me a while to choose which theme to use for SteitBlog, I was confused whether to use Thesis or Headway (a theme that is competing Thesis) after a long research and a bit of messing around with Headway, I decided to go with Thesis.

There are many reasons that made go for Thesis though it is considered to be a skeleton theme (that comes with no design). I believe that, what should be considered when choosing a theme is its functionality and usability not its design since “design” is a matter of taste and at the end of the day the content is always the king!

Returning to the core of this article, which is why I have chosen Thesis as theme for SteitBlog. Thesis is known for its very user-friendly control panel, which enables those users with no technical background to start her/his blog and have it customized it to a high extent. With its color picker in the control panel, in addition to its drag and drop feature Thesis makes arranging the navigation menu and the structure of its posts that more interesting. It also allows the users to control the font and size of every part of the blog along with the freedom to decide how many columns are wanted, their width and order.

Thesis is said to be the most SEO friendly theme on the Internet, so far and based on my knowledge I believe so. With Thesis, no more “All in one SEO Pack” plugin, no more worry about your meta tags and titles and optimizing your blog to be a search engine friendly. Through Thesis’ control panel, you can easily set your blog’s title, meta tags, meta description, add <noindex> tags to various pages, add canonical URLs and much more. It also has fields for Footer and Header scripts, where you can add the codes of Analytical systems such as Google Analytics, Mint or any other scripts. One important feature that Thesis provides to its users is, that it has an amazing “New Post” page, that gives the user the option to choose the CSS class of the post, the meta tag and description and even the <title> tag. All these options help in optimizing each page of your blog as a whole and separately.

Thesis knows no limits when it comes to customization, I will not be featuring every and each feature so I won’t take much of your time, but I have to mention briefly the advanced side of Thesis where CSS customization is very easy. Thesis has a folder called “Custom” where it includes the custom CSS file and the custom functions file. Through the control panel, you can easily edit the classes you want to change and it will immediately over ride the original ones. I think this feature was done because of regular version releases of Thesis, so when you want to upgrade to a new version, all you have to do is to copy your “Custom” folder and thats it! Settings are saved, looks are the same, the only difference is that you are benefiting from all the new features!

I will be sharing a video review of how easy it is to use Thesis very soon, meanwhile you can check some screen shots below.

Rock the blogging sphere with Thesis!

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