Battery Magic – Optimise your iPhone’s battery

by Firas Steitiyeh on October 4, 2009

You will be finding a lot of iPhone related experiences, applications and tutorials on SteitBlog. I am going to start with a cool application that is free and cool to have on your iPhone or iPod Touch, today I will be taking you through Battery Magic – FREE.

Ever since the iPhone 2G launch, a lot of reports and complaints are being raised to Apple Support forums and other parties regarding the battery life of the iPhone. Apple and other trusted forums have mentioned different ways on how to increase an iPhone battery lifespan and battery life, and we all remember the recent battery heating commotion and the buzz it made to all iPhone users.

Various articles mention information where they consider them as facts, such as a full charge will enable you you to play audio files for 15 hours, video playback for 9 hours, non-stop Wi-Fi connection and Internet browsing for 8 hours. I always wondered whether these numbers are true or at least close to reality.

The other day, I found Battery Magic iPhone App while browsing Apple App Store and I found it to be very useful where it enables you to know how much charge is left in your iPhone’s battery and how much time is left for all activities that could be done using the iPhone, such as Audio Playing, Video Playing, 3G services, Wi-Fi and much more. Below you will find some screen shots of this application

Get your copy now!

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