How To Make Google Love Your Blog

by Firas Steitiyeh on October 19, 2009

A lot of my friends and readers ask me all the time: “why doesn’t Google crawl my site?” “how can I make Google index more pages of my site” and the most repeated question “how can I make Google love my blog more?”. Today I am going to answer those questions and share with you some tips that would make Google at least love you more than it used to.

1-Forget Google for a while, yes forget everything about Google and work on your blog as if there is no Google and write for the benefit of your readers. Think about your readers, their needs, their requirements and their user-experience. Eventually when you give out your best and concentrate on the quality of your articles instead of Google’s SEO formulas, you will be gaining a lot of attention from Google’s bot.

2-Access your site from all possible places. A lot of blogs face a compatibility problems, some are minors and others are major problems. You have to test your site from different browsers, operating systems and devices. SteitBlog maybe have a compatibility issue with some certain settings, but so far I didn’t get the chance to detect one, if you are facing any problems viewing SteitBlog, please drop me a line on the “Contact” page or in the comments section below.

3-You will never go from zero to thousands of subscribers in couple of days, it takes time, efforts, quality writing and sometime money. One main ingredient of any blog’s success, is quality writing. From day one, you should be write to your audience as if there millions of subscribers reading your articles, although you are still at the beginning, but quality writing is your key to success, and remember CONTENT IS THE KING.

4-Ask your friends or family members to critic your blog and your articles, they are your only judge, if they like you; you’ll succeed, if they didn’t; you’ll fail. You have to accept critics and do not take them as a negative feedback, at the contrary you could explore new niches and needs within your readers from critics and feedback. You should ask for critic do not wait for it.

5- NEVER use duplicated content! You have to promise yourself to have a very unique content, otherwise you will be banned and panelized from Google and others, and if not banned you will be indexed on pages 200 and above, which I personally think is worse than being banned.

6- A very old activity that a lot may think that it doesn’t work or affect right now, but it doesn’t harm your blog at all. Write proper Meta Information.

7- Make sure that you are using a search engine optimized theme, which is a point that the majority miss. Do you know that a bad theme could easily prevent search engines from indexing your pages (properly)?

8- Take good care of keywords in your titles, articles and the URLs (permalinks) as well. Don’t over use keywords within your article, it will be annoying to the reader and it will effect the core of the article it self. I recommend going with a keyword density between 2% – 6% and stay away from keyword stuffing (an old black-hat trick, where webmasters used to insert all keywords within the footer of the pages setting the colors of the background and the text the same). Also make sure that your permalinks contains the main keywords, that will help a lot in ranking you higher on certain searches.

9- Backlinks. Basically when having 50 sites link back to you, and those 50 sites were crawled by Google bot in less than an hour, then your blog might be as well crawled 50 times in less than an hour. Backlinks will not only increase the speed of crawling, it will also increase your PageRank which means that Google is loving you more. There are several ways to get backlinks other than having your friends linking back to you, such as linkbaits, forums signature, social bookmarking sites, guest blogging, profile at social networks, press releases submission.

10- Use Google webmasters tools, it will help you a lot in setting up your blog and making it search engine friendly. You can check the crawling rate of your site, edit it, edit robots.txt file, submit sitemaps, check errors and their types on your site, monitor your site links internally and externally and much more options.

11- If you are using wordpress, use the Google XML Sitemap plugin, which will handle the creation of Google version of your blog’s sitemap.

My friend Daniel Scocco, the one behind DailyBlogTips, have earlier published an article about the top 25 SEO blogs, you can find it here.

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