How my traffic increased by more than 300%

by Firas Steitiyeh on October 22, 2009

The 20th of October was a turning point for SteitBlog, where the traffic went crazy and increased by more than 350% of the normal trend. Regularly SteitBlog receives around 75-90 unique visitors everyday, but on the 20th of October it received 367 unique visitors which is around 4 times the regular traffic. What happened that day? How did the traffic increase by that much?

On the night of the 19th of October, I published an article titled “How To Make Google Love Your Blog” which was RTed immediately once posted, which drove a decent amount of traffic. The next day, a conversation about Thesis theme was running on Twitter and luckily I had a chat with Chris Pearson (The creator of Thesis) and he was very impressed with the layout of my blog and he tweeted about it.


After his tweet, the traffic kept increasing like crazy compared to the traffic I am used to. After a while, also luckily, I received 2 mentions from people I really don’t know who were also RTing my article mentioned above. What makes these two RTs different than others, the 1st user has around 10k followers and the 2nd more than 20k followers. WOW I was really shocked and impressed at the same time. Of course I do thank both, @writer_sheri and @featureBlend for RTing my post.


ahadAfter a while, I had a conversation with David Risley (a six figure pro blogger), who I am big fan of and had guest posted on his blog earlier, and he then RTed my article to his 7k followers.


Till now, the spill over effect of these RTs is still there, and I am really enjoying the traffic being in an incremental trend and YEAH, I am monitoring my stats every hour or half-an hour.

Another reason that caused my traffic to increase, was that I recently joined a site called “BlogEngage” where you can create an account and submit your articles, it is a digg-like site but I think that it has focused more on the social factor, where users can easily communicate with each other and comment on others’ submitted articles. BlogEngage has been the 3rd top referrer. And what’s cool about it is that Brian (the guy behind it) keeps tweeting the IDs of the top users on BlogEngage so others can login and vote for their articles. I really like it, and enjoy the traffic that is generated from it.


1- Quality writing. If the Quality of the article was bad, or was not good enough, nobody would ever care to RT it specially those big names with a lot of followers behind them. I will be mentioning it all the time, Content is the King and you have to concentrate on your quality of writing.

2- Socialize. You have to socialize with others users in the sphere. If I weren’t in a conversation with Chris or David, they would have never heard about SteitBlog. Socializing is an extremely excellent branding tool. You can socialize with others not only through social networks, but also through commenting on others’ blogs and joining forums.

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