9 Ways to Promote a Blog Post

by Firas Steitiyeh on October 26, 2009

There are different ways of promoting a blog, and that is what I see most bloggers do. They just concentrate on promoting a blog as a whole and driving traffic to the home page of the blog. Why don’t you give some of your articles their right to standout? You may have winner articles but they are buried in the archives without anybody knowing about them. Do you know that promoting certain articles could drive traffic to your blog more than promoting your blog as a whole?

Today I will be sharing with you 9 different ways of promoting a blog post.

Pitch your posts to other bloggers

Ask other bloggers to have a look at your post and recommend it to their readers, followers, friends, etc… or at least a link back to it. This way of promotion is not as easy as you think, there are many ways to approach bloggers to link or support your post. You can’t just ask them to do it from the first time you talk to them or connect with them, that is considered to be rude. Be sure the article is relevant to the industry of the blogger you are approaching, relevancy is an important issue.

Social interaction

Are you a member of any social network? You should be using your list of followers and friends to promote winner articles in your blog. Make sure not to over do it and be aware of spamming your friends, they will bounce off and might block you as well. Remember that if you don’t benefit off your social network list of friends, then the time spent on building it is considered to be a waste of time!

Social bookmarking

You can’t imagine the huge feedback that you will be getting by promoting certain posts of your blog on Digg, StumbleUpOn, Delicious, and other social bookmarking sites. At the beginning, you will be it doing alone and you can also ask some friends to share your posts on social bookmarking sites, but in later stages you will be finding your readers doing it by themselves and it will pick up. In addition to that, having an article shared on digg or one of the big social bookmarking sites will have your article indexed on Google and other search engines WAY faster than you imagine.

Internal linking

It’s very beneficial to have links to certain blogs within your blog itself, and that could be done in so many ways. For example, you can mention an earlier article within the body of a newer one and link back to it, or you can also use Related Posts plugin for WordPress; which suggest similar posts to the reader and again link back to them. If you have a very attractive article, you could easily place it within your navigation menu. Internal linking is extremely healthy for your blog when it comes to SEO.


If you already have built an email list of your readers, you can send them an email with your post, or as I am doing in the meantime, you can schedule an email to be sent out to all of those who subscribed to your updates through FeedBurner. You can subscribe to my updates through your email by clicking here.

Comments on other blogs

Submitting insightful, beneficial, relevant and original comments on other blogs (of course under the same niche of your blog) would definitely drive traffic to your blog. You can also support your comments with links to some articles where appropriate! Remember not to over do it or add more than one link since it could be easily considered as spam.

Forums interaction

On the Internet there are various forums for almost each topic and niche. So you should be joining forums from your niche and start engaging with people and interacting with them and link back to different articles from your blog where appropriate. One of the most beneficial forums that I have ever joined is ProBlogger Community, which I have featured it earlier on SteitBlog.

Email signatures

To those who don’t use their emails to link back to their blogs, they are missing a lot of potential readers and to those who only promote their blog as a whole, I would like to advise you to try to promote certain articles rather than your blog. If you don’t want to change it every week manually, you can use a feature of FeedBurner which is basically a block that rotates your recent posts under your email signature.


Article submission

This is an excellent activity for the long-term, where it’s great for Search Engine Optimization purposes but be aware that submitting your articles to articles and press releases directory as is, may effect you negatively and as a result, Google will be penalizing you and might ban you. Some bloggers invest in recruiting staff to re-write those articles, others re-write them by themselves while others use black-hat techniques using re-writing scripts. A great directory for article submission is Ezine Articles.

These 9 ways, should not be done to each and every post, and I don’t think that anyone could. Personally I personally use a few of the ways mentioned above to one article a week and some times every two weeks. Make sure that you are not considered as a spammer while working on some of these techniques. Be yourself, be polite and don’t be rude. One last thing I would like everyone to note, most of these techniques don’t have an instant feedback but are beneficial in the long-run, in order to feel the magic you should be patient and keep on doing them continuously.

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