13 Factors To Consider When Analyzing Your Traffic

by Firas Steitiyeh on October 27, 2009

Page Views

Which could also be called impressions, is how many times your pages have been viewed by your visitors regardless the actual number of visitors. The factor that your page views are increasing is good but that doesn’t mean you have to concentrate on page views and miss other factors. You have to balance between them all.

Unique Visitors

The term “Unique Visitors” or some times “Visitors” means how many people have visited your website today. For example, let’s say John visited your blog 3 times, Erica 5 times and Derek 7 times. Although you have received 15 visits in total, those visits were actually initiated by 3 unique visitors only, which is what we call unique visitors. Unique visitors will help you know how many readers you have.


Visits are the total visits initiated by all unique visitors everyday, which is 15 visits in the case of the example above.


Bandwidth is the total amount of data transferred to/from a web server which is measured by bits or multiples of it (kbits, Mbits, etc…). It’s important to monitor your bandwidth from time to time, in order to notice if your visitors are consuming almost the whole bandwidth so you can upgrade to a bigger one instead of being dumped by your hosting provider half-way through! Some hosting providers simply put your server down, till either the next month or till you pay the premium of extra bandwidth, why wait for such things to happen? Prevent it by monitoring your bandwidth consumption from time to time.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the rate of visitors that get out of your blog after arriving to the landing page. Which most probably means that they didn’t like your content and left (bounced off) your blog. There are different ways to minimize the bounce rate, for example, creating customized landing pages specific campaigns, using WP-Greetbox plugin for WordPress which show a welcome message to the visitor depending from which site she/he was referred from.


Which is the original URL that linked to a URL of yours and therefore the visitor arrived from this URL. Referrers could be blogs, social networks, search engines or any URL on the Internet. Getting to know where your visitors are coming from is very important and critical, you can contact your top referrers and create some sort of a cooperation between the both of you and increase your traffic from these sites and most probably the visitors arriving from those referrers are considered as targeted visitors and could be easily turned into loyal readers.

Page views per visit

Tracking this factor will give you an indicator on how much your content is interesting and teasing for your readers. It measures the average number of pages viewed per each visit. Keep in mind that this is not an exact number, it is an average. (Total amount of pages viewed divided by total number of visits)

Country Breakdown

We have said earlier that it is very important to know which website your visitors are coming from, and it is also important to know where your visitors are located? You may be asking why but some people may be thinking it has to do with geo-targeted advertising. My answer is no, it will not only help us in geo-targeted advertising but it will help us customize and amend the content. If the majority of your readers are from a certain country, you would increase their interest by publishing articles related to that country and so on.

Top Search Terms

Checking your top search terms, will help you know what keywords are referring back to your blog and which areas are needed to worked harder on.


A lot of people do not believe in this factor, but I personally do because it helps you know which spiders are crawling your content and which are not. Simply by identifying the spiders which are not crawling your content properly, you can fix the problem, work on it and increase your presence in search engines.

Top Browsers

Nowadays, we are facing as web developers many and many obstacles when it comes to cross browser compatibility and knowing the top browsers used by your readers and accordingly arrange them in a testing queue from the most used till the least.

Top Pages

Yesterday, I published a post about how to promote a blog post instead of promoting the whole blog. This factor will help you identify articles that are being viewed more than others so you can promote them in different ways since they are considered as winner articles.

Average Time/Visit

Could be also called average visit duration, calculates the average time spent on your blog by each user within each visit. This helps you know how much time users are spending on your site. Most, if not all, analytic systems provide you with a list of periods and how many users stayed in each period.

I would like to add that these factors should be monitored all the time, and once you identify any unusual trend in any of them you should be investigating the reason of this trend, even if it was a positive one. If you find out that your visitors have jumped like 200% all of a sudden, you have to investigate it, it shouldn’t be a good thing all the time. Maybe the system had an error and started duplicating it’s readings. There are many resolutions for each case, but again you have to monitor and investigate.

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