First Month Performance Report

by Firas Steitiyeh on November 1, 2009

On the 2nd of October, 2009 I published my first article which marks the beginning of my journey on SteitBlog. What you will be reading below are my achievements of SteitBlog in its first month.

Alexa Rank: was over 10,000,000 and now 384,399.

Google PR: wasn’t recognized by Google (N/A) now 0.

Page Views: over 40,000 pages were viewed on SteitBlog last month.analytics

Visits: SteitBlog was visited by more than 5,500 times by you guys.

Unique Visitors: around 2,000 different visitors have visited SteitBlog in October.

RSS Subscribers: There are 40 people who are subscribed to SteitBlog’s RSS feed.rss stats

Visits generated from RSS Feed: over than 1,000 visits were generated from SteitBlog’s RSS feed.

Top Referrer: Twitter is my #1 referrer for October, with around 20% from the total visits.

Most viewed page:How to make Google love your blog” is the most viewed article on SteitBlog so far, with more than 700 views.

Posts: 25 posts were published on SteitBlog during the month of October.

Comments: SteitBlog currently has 116 comments submitted through its various posts.

Indexed Pages: 60 pages were indexed on Google.

I am honestly impressed with the performance of SteitBlog during its first month, the results were beyond my expectations, thanks to all of you guys out there.

SteitBlog also has made over $50 in affiliate commissions and $5 from Google AdSense. I am really not looking into monetizing SteitBlog at the moment, but I am really glad that it is doing so in such a short period of time.

I would really appreciate hearing your feedback/opinion on SteitBlog, what do you think about it, in general and as a whole? How do you rate the quality of the articles and information provided? Do you have any suggestions or an area where you think I can improve my writing in? I would appreciate your feedback, remember that the readers (you) are my number one priority and what I think about when I write.

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