Just Do It

by Firas Steitiyeh on November 17, 2009

What a wonderful slogan by Nike, “Just Do It”. You may be wondering right now what it has to do with blogging and Internet in general. How many of you have postponed the launch of a blog or any other project for different reasons? That happened to me when launching a previous blog, I pushed the launch for like 10 months. Wouldn’t it be better if I had launched it on the same day I got the idea? Trust me, everyday counts in a blog’s life.

In the past couple of days, I attended different sessions of GEW – Jordan and most of them focused on the “Fail Fast” concept. I know that nobody would love to fail and fast, but the thing is you better dump an idea at the early stages than it getting you dumped on later stages. The “Fail Fast” rule proves that you SHOULD NOT postpone launching a blog because you don’t have the content ready for a month in advance or because you just didn’t get a top notch design yet or what ever the reason was. Actually, you should know that you will never success without failing many times; the more you fail, the more you will succeed.

Whenever an idea pops in your mind, just get up and start implementing and enjoy the ride. I believe that everything should be planned and organized, but that doesn’t mean to take ages planning for a blog might end dumping. I think you should be planning a short-term plan while implementing your idea and you can also prepare a few articles to publish on your blog as well.

What would it take to get a blog up and running?

Idea: 1 second

Domain name: 3 minutes

Hosting Package: 5 minutes

Installing WordPress: 2 minutes

Having a blog up and running won’t take time at all, all it takes is around 10 minutes including buying your domain name, subscribing for a hosting package and installing WordPress. Start blogging, share your knowledge with others, publicize your content over social networks and start improving your blog day after day. And if you think, as I used to, that you will reach a level where you will stop improving and adding extra features to your blog, you are totally wrong, this is an ever-lasting process.

Please don’t be a victim of perfectionism!

In the Arab world, we have an old saying which means: “Satisfying people is an unreachable desire”. You can never satisfy all of your readers, or have everybody happy with all of your work and results. What I think is cool, people might think its stupid and what I think is nice, people might think is ugly and it goes on. Try not to kill the opportunities you are getting by wanting to have everything just perfect, at the end of the day it’s a personal opinion for your readers. As mentioned above, you will always be improving and adding features to your blog, so why don’t you start it immediately and improve with time. Always be sure that you will never reach the Perfect level in your blogging journey and if you did, expect to be dumped very soon, it is the beginning of the end. Stay on earth, chat with your readers, get to know them and what they want to read about not make them read what you want to write about. Your readers are your main reason for success.

I advise all of you guys, if you have an idea in your mind for a blog and you have been postponing it for ages now; do it right now, don’t lose more time! JUST DO IT

I would really like to know if any of you have been into such an experience of postponing launching a blog or any other project for that matter and why?

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