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by Firas Steitiyeh on December 27, 2009

Earlier on, I started a group writing project to write one article that contains all of your Internet Goals for 2010 with a link back to your blogs to be published here. I seem to have delivered the details in a wrong way or something, because not many people have submitted their links, although a lot of people showed interest in the project and in sharing their goals!

My goals for 2010 are:

  1. I want to reach the top 100,000 sites on Alexa. Currently 196,612.
  2. I want to launch 2 e-books within the first half of 2010, of which one of them is going to be distributed for free and the other will be paid for.
  3. To publish at least 240 new articles throughout the year, which is 20 posts per month.
  4. To publish at least 2 guest posts per month on other blogs.
  5. To increase the number of page views to 2,000. Currently average of 500.
  6. To build a proper mail list and have at least 500 subscribers. Currently 50.
  7. To launch 2 new products to the market.
  8. I would love to have a paid membership site.
  9. To generate USD 1,000 per month by the 4th Quarter of 2010.
  10. To collaborate and cooperate with a cyber friend on launching a new product to the market.
  11. To make this project WAY bigger and have more people participate by next year!

Two friends of mine have submitted their goals and I will be sharing their goals below as well.

Derek Jensen from LifeNotion.com his goals are:

  1. Reach 200 average daily page views (current is an average of 35)
  2. Reach 100 fans on the Facebook Fan page (current is 28)
  3. Reach 500 followers on Twitter (current is 205)
  4. Be mentioned in 20 lists on Twitter (current is 10)
  5. Reach 50 subscribers (current is 5)
  6. Publish one article during the work days (currently varies)
  7. Launch two e-books (one at a cost, with proceeds possibly going to a charity)
  8. Publish four guest posts a month
  9. Increase the number of comments by keeping great content that everyone loves
  10. Be more active outside of LifeNotion: ProBlogger Community, Conversing with people on Twitter, Facebook, and Skype. making more comments on blogs that relate to LifeNotion

Mike CJ from MikesLife.org his goals are:

  1. 10 posts a week, 500 for the year.
  2. Increase traffic to 6000 visitors a day. Improve Alexa ranking to below 50,000
  3. Write two guest posts for quality sites each month
  4. Increase Twitter followers to 20,000
  5. Launch and distribute 10,000 free copies of Case Study, with aim of increasing subscriber list to 5000 overall.
  6. 100 new Aweber clients, 50 new Inmotion clients, 24 sales of Ultimate Footer ad,  120 sales of How to be rich and happy, 10 Blog Master’s Club clients
  7. 10,000 copies of Beyond Blogging sold, 6000 copies of Beginner’s Guide to Blogging sold, 1200 copies of Beginner’s Guide to Twitter sold
  8. Complete redesign on blog and all aspects of online brand and to rank No 1 on Google for the term“Devastatingly Handsome Boomer Blogger”
  9. Two blogging events in the US, one in Europe, meet as many friend as possible at each.

I really suggest that all of you who havent yet set goals for 2010 to seriously consider it and have them placed infront of their eyes and shared with others if possible. Sharing your goals with others would highly motivate you in achieving them and in exceeding them sometimes.

One more piece of advise that will help you acheive your goals, is to keep reviewing them like every month or couple of months and to keep track of how far you are from reaching them. If you have reached them before the time passses, then set new goals and try to achieve them in the remaining period of time.

Good luck and happy new year from SteitBlog.

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