How to achieve your 2010 goals?

by Firas Steitiyeh on January 3, 2010

Now after 2010 has started and almost everyone has set his goals and objectives that they want to achieve in this year, how are you going to work them?

First of all, if you haven’t yet set any goals for this year; it is highly recommended that you do in order to start your journey towards your goals.

Now after you have your goals set and written, you should not keep them as a private property or something that you don’t want anybody to know about, in the contrary, you should share them with your friends, colleagues and with the public. Yes, sharing your goals with others will highly motivate you in achieving them either by being advised or by getting feedback on your goals or by simply being ashamed of not achieving them so you work harder in doing so. I do believe that this activity works and I have tried it personally.

I consider myself a Goal Oriented person rather than being Task Oriented, since I love to set a goal that I want to reach in a certain period of time, regardless the procedure and the task I go through to achieve this goal! Since I am not a full-time blogger, while I sometimes can dedicate 5 hours or more a day for my blog there are other days where I can’t even afford an hour for it. Which honestly makes me sad but it’s a challenge as well, I will take it to the next level and be a full-time blogger some day. It’s just a matter of time.

You have to always keep your goals in front of your eyes, keep looking at them and recognize how far you are from reaching them! Moreover, you should also review them every quarter of the year, just in case you have achieved some of your goals earlier so you can add new goals to work on. At the same time, some goals might look easy to achieve but when the time comes and you work on them you find that they are hard and that you can’t achieve them within the assigned period of time. So, reviewing your goals every quarter will really help you know where you are standing in terms of your goals.

In my earlier post about the 2010 goals, I received a suggestion from my friend Mike to review the goals after the first quarter of the year over here on SteitBlog, which I think is a really cool idea and a healthy activity to do every now and then!

Since this topic is a bit long, I will be dividing it into parts! So this is the first part and so there are yet other parts to come.

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