Do you have competitors or colleagues?

by Firas Steitiyeh on January 11, 2010

Yesterday I was asked a question by my friend Jamie: “Does your blog have a unique selling point? Why should ppl subscribe to yours and not others?” and afterwards a very important point crossed my mind and I raised it immediately and I thought to share it with you guys.

My answer was that I never promote my blog over other blogs, all blogs within the sphere complete each other instead of competing like any other industry! That is the cool thing about social media, that you can never force a reader to read your blog, or buy your product, or for example promote yourself over other bloggers as if you are better than them or your blog is better, it’s not the case at all! Readers are attracted by the quality of your content and the way you write, they either like it or they just bounce off your blog!

Blogging, unlike other industries, requires focusing on quality more than promotion, since readers will find your blog if its content meets their requirements and satisfies their needs.

Back to the core of the article, I don’t think any blogger would ever think of promoting their blog over other bloggers, in the contrary, we consider ourselves as colleagues and friends. Our blogs complete each other rather than compete, each of us has his own loyal readers where at sometimes we might share some loyal readers and we might be each others’ readers!

Let’s take SteitBlog for example; the following bloggers (just to count a few) are good friends of mine and all of us blog around almost the same thing; Blogging and Making Money Online, and we read each others blogs.

1- MikeCJ

2- Daniel Sargent

3- Derek Jensen

4- Robert Bravery

At the same time, I do follow and look up to some other A-List bloggers (to list a few) whom I consider as friends/mentors:

1- Darren Rowse

2- Daniel Scocco

3- David Risley

4- Chris Brogan

So do you think in blogging there is competition between different blogs under the same niche? Do you have colleagues or competitors in the niche you blog about?

For now I just want to cut the article short and see what you guys think about this issue, and we might work on follow-up articles if we find out that there are different points of views!

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