Is Google Buzz going to buzz?

by Firas Steitiyeh on February 10, 2010

Last night the announcement and launch of Google Buzz buzzed the whole sphere on all levels. But the question is: “Is Google Buzz going to buzz on the long-term or it’s going to be a momentum and that’s it?” I personally have various concerns about Google Buzz specially that it still has not yet been added to my Gmail, which I think is a sin in launching any new product!

Earlier last year Google launched Google Wave, which I personally considered as a one great collaboration tool and I have used it in different projects ever since. When Google first launched Wave, a lot of people shared their wish lists or which could be considered as a list of missing features that should be added to it. Since I didn’t try Google Buzz yet, I have a few concerns regarding it.

Product Roll-Out:

I don’t think that it’s a good idea to have the service available for a certain bunch of people rather than everybody together, specially when you’re launching a whole new product. Availability in phases works well when you release a new feature to a current product/service but not when launching a whole new service. We heard a lot about Google Buzz and it’s not there, very soon; the buzz will disappear and the conversion rate will be WAY less than it could have created if the service was available.


All the reviews I read mentioned that Google Buzz is not integrated with Facebook, which is the biggest social network on the Internet with more than 400 million users. I really don’t know what Google is trying to do, are they thinking to replace it!?!? No, they will not! It’s too late to replace it now, why don’t you think of complementing it and enable your users to manage it in addition to the variety of options you are providing!


Seriously? Couldn’t you guys find a better name?! Yahoo already used it ages ago, didn’t you hear about Yahoo! Buzz? This is not the point, I really don’t like the name and I don’t think it’s catchy and fits for a social network! Compare it to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Orkut, Flickr. Buzz is a very formal naming, couldn’t you find any lamer name for your product?

I am sure that I will have much more concerns once I try it out, but till then I should be fair enough and mention a few features that I think are cool to have and utilize in Google Buzz.

  1. It’s integrated with your Gmail, no need for a new tab on the browser with different login details, you can use it on the go while reading your emails and replying to them.
  2. Links are shown as Thumbnails as if they were linking to any multimedia content such as photos or videos.
  3. When it comes to sharing content with your followers/friends you can choose it to become either public or private sharing, this feature is really cool and gives you more control over what you are sharing.
  4. You will also be notified on all comments and updates that occur on the buzz you create over email, and those notifications are updated LIVE!

Back to the title of this article, is Google Buzz going to buzz or not? I can’t really judge right now, but I think it will buzz specially for businesses, I think it will be a very beneficial social marketing tool for them. Do you think it’s going to buzz or not? Did you try it yet? Let me know.

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