5 Steps To Take When Writing Your Article

by Firas Steitiyeh on February 17, 2010

“How do you write your articles?” A question that I was asked various times and I thought that I had to write an article about it and share its answer with you guys. It’s very healthy for any blogger and her/his blog to set a certain criteria/routine of how they’re going to create content for their blogs. Personally I follow some steps in every article I write that I think are “a-must” for every article, there are other steps I do with some articles only. Before listing these steps or things I do, I would like to say that with time these steps turn into a habit.

1- Collect Ideas:

Whenever an idea pops into my mind, I just write it down either on a notepad or on my iPhone notes! Whenever I decide to write, I just take a look at my notepad and a lot of topics will be waiting for me there. This activity also helps you in bulk writing, which is the best thing any blogger could do!

2- Summarize before going into details:

After choosing a topic to write about; I start by listing all the main points that the article will evolve around. After listing all the main points, I start writing about each one separately and add some intro text and closure if needed.

3- Do some research:

While writing my articles I have to do some research on the topic itself, I have to validate my knowledge before sharing it with others. I am not saying go steal information from other writers, but at least to make sure that what you are saying is true, valid, and is adding benefit and value to your readers.

4- Professional proof reading:

After I finish writing my articles, I always share them with my wife, who is an English Copywriter originally, to proof read it, fix all my grammatical and spelling mistakes and re-phrase some of the sentences where needed. It is really important to have someone professional to proof read your articles, you should be aware of spelling and grammar mistakes that could make some of your readers lose trust in you or just not give your articles the importance that they deserve!

5- Read it one more time:

After having your article proof read, you should go over it one more time in order to make sure that there are no spelling or contextual mistakes after it has been adjusted by the proof reader. By reading it for the last time you will also be able to make sure that it has a complete message, that it’s relevant and adds value to the reader.

This is how I usually write my articles, how do you write yours? Do you have any specific criteria which you follow when writing your articles or do you write them immediately onto WordPress editor and publish them directly?

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