7 Ways To Lose Fans On Facebook

by Firas Steitiyeh on May 13, 2011

It’s 2011 and everybody is getting on Facebook, even the grocery shop around the corner is connecting with people on Facebook. That is really cool and makes me happy, but the problem is what happens after a brand gets on Facebook? How do you expose yourself to your audience? What do you offer on your Facebook page? How do you communicate with your fans?

It’s very difficult to get someone to “Like” your page, especially when you operate in a very specific or a narrow niche. Don’t you agree? I will now share with you 7 ways I believe will help you lose your fans. Obviously you will need to avoid the below sins unless you really want to lose your fans and piss them off.

Overwhelming your fans with updates

It’s very annoying to your fans when you post around 5 or 6 times a day, especially when those posts are being pushed to their streamlines. Trust me the least thing they will do is to mute your page. It doesn’t only annoy your fans, but nobody will visit your page 6 times a day, that means you are not only losing fans, but also giving less exposure to your updates.

Posting irrelevant content

If I am fan of a flower shop, I really don’t care about a sports event taking place tonight or sometime soon! It’s very simple and straight forward; you have to post updates that are interesting to your fans instead of posting updates that YOU think they are interesting. This is the thing about social media; it’s ALL about your audience.


It’s very similar to blogging, you have to be consistent. You need to follow a certain frequency when it comes to publishing on your page. You can just update your page whenever you feel like it. You have to keep your fans updated, share with them the latest offers, tips about what you do and how they can benefit from your products and so on. It’s very dangerous to stop posting for a while after you made your fans used to daily posts. This doesn’t mean that you need to be posting on daily basis, some businesses could be posting once a week and doing a great job on Facebook, but again it’s all about being consistent.

Acting as a robot

Sounding robotic and replying to your fans with the same exact phrase all the time will not make them feel happy or satisfied. Personalize your messages as much as you can in a way that makes them feel well recognized by the brand they are following on Facebook and their being loyal toward it. Personalizing your communication messages will really increase the satisfaction of your fans and increase their loyalty.

Ignoring your fans’ questions and inquiries

Seriously?! The fact that you are present on Facebook means that you are responsible to answer all questions received on your page and help your fans out at the exact same level as if they are visiting you personally or calling over. At the contrary, asking on Facebook is much more important since the question is being asked in front of your entire fan base not one-to-one question. Ignoring your fans’ requests, complains, questions or any feedback will defiantly back fire on your brand and will result in losing fans.

Deleting ALL the negative feedback you get

Do you own the perfect brand? Is it possible to have a brand that has 100% customer satisfaction? I can assure you that if you do so, it’s not only you will lose credibility and fans, but all the good feedback you receive will look fake. There should be some negative feedback or complaints from your audience just to balance the ecosystem of your page. Actually sometimes the negative feedback you get will lead you to improve the quality of what you offer and therefore excel in what you do. Instead of deleting the negative feedback you get, try to utilize it.

Over promoting yourself

To “Like” a page on Facebook is exactly the same as submitting your email address to a newsletter and your fans will definitely be annoyed to be reading self promotional posts all the time on your page. Instead of doing so, spend some time researching what your fans would like to read or to be offered and get it done.

I have personally unliked and muted a lot of pages for the reasons above, it’s really annoying. Don’t you guys agree? Haven’t you ever unliked a page on Facebook? What annoys you the most?

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