How Geek Are You?

by Firas Steitiyeh on May 22, 2011

I started recently watching the TV Series “The Big Bang Theory” and I can’t say more than it’s one of the most entertaining shows I have watched; it’s really funny and talks reality! I have always asked myself whether I am a geek or not and I always wanted to be one, since I was a little kid. I will always fight to be one and you have all my respect guys!
What about you? do you consider yourself a geek? How do you usually judge if a person is a geek or not? Below are some questions to I believe will help anyone know how geeky they are.

  1. Are you the first person to be called when any technical support needed within your Family and Friends?
  2. Do you consider Google one of your best friends?
  3. Can you read and write different languages including PHP, HTML and others?
  4. Do you love comics and super heroes?
  5. Do you hate Microsoft?
  6. Are you an iPhone owner? Or at least an Android phone owner?
  7. Do you prefer Linux and OSX over Windows?
  8. What were your hobbies when you were young?
  9. Have you written the first line of code at the age of 10-15 without being asked by your teacher?
  10. Did you ever get a gadget as a gift?
  11. Do you wear tech-related t-shirts like the ones at Think Geek or Café Press?

I am sure that I have missed a lot of questions, but I would really appreciate if you can share with me yours and what are the reasons that you consider yourself or someone as a geek or not.

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