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by Firas Steitiyeh on January 22, 2017

All brands and twitter users are concerned about increasing the count of their followers rather than focusing on building a proper community around their twitter channel. It’s good to have a good number of followers count, but always worry about quality followers and don’t place the number of followers on top of your to-do list. It’s exactly similar to anyone who launches any web app or a web venture and spends most of his time looking at Google Analytics and how much traffic he got instead of improving his tool and launching new features. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the look for quality followers or building your community, below are some tips on how to increase your followers and get some relevant and quality followers for your twitter channel.

Make sure to complete your Twitter profile

Your Twitter profile includes your bio and avatar, which are the first thing any new user sees about you before following, and as they always say “First impression count” and this is your first impression, make sure to use a proper and reflective avatar and write a bio that says everything about you and make people of your industry follow you.

Follow Hashtags

You need to follow the most popular hashtags in your industry to stay updated with what everyone is say thing there and also you need to start using those hashtags in your tweets (where appropriate). Doing so, will extend the reach of your tweets to more relevant audience and users and accordingly increase your chance of getting relevant followers.

Use Twitter real-time search

Twitter has a really cool search engine that work on a real-time basis where it displays all tweets containing your search term as they are published. It also supports search operators such as AND and OR, in addition to a kick-ass advanced search where you can search tweets based on location, username, type of tweet, and more.

Engage with people

Social Media is all about engagement and being social on these platforms. There is no need at all for you to be there if you’re planning on going silent or ignore your community’s tweets. You should talk to others, express your opinions and comment on others opinions; this way you will be take your presence into the next level by creating on-going conversations with different users (try to talk to relevant people) and get exposed to new ones.

Be human

One of the most important differences between social media and traditional-media is that social media is a 2-way communication channel where the broadcaster should be human. Avoid acting as a robot and automating your tweets on Twitter, this will put you in a very bad situation in your community and no one will care about following you.

Use TweetDeck or any other twitter client

TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter clients (which was previously acquired by twitter in May 2011), and I personally prefer it than any other tool available. It gives you the chance to manage multiple twitter accounts at the same time, follow hashtags, display search results for any search term and much more features. Using TweetDeck, or any other client, will improve your twitter experience and help you do more with your twitter channel.

Take it offline (or atleast off-twitter)

You can easily promote your Twitter channel in so many ways to your community by adding it to your email signature, to your business cards, to your website, to your videos or anywhere you think it is relevant. Just get creative with it and expose your account to everyone without spamming them. Make sure people never regret following you and actually recommending you to their followers.

Follow the top users in your industry

Following users is one of the easiest techniques to get followers, but don’t over do it. You should follow the top users of your industry in order to start engaging with them and to expose your channel to them and with time you will start getting follow-backs from some of those users. You can find those users from different places such as Twitter lists and WeFollow.

Tweet regularly

We have mentioned this above, but I just want to make sure it’s clear for everyone. You should tweet on Twitter and yeah; not on Christmas and New Years only! You should tweet regularly, stay in touch with your followers, tweet relevant content for them and things that you believe would interest them. Make sure to space out your tweets and avoid spamming your followers.

Show some love

There are plenty of ways on Twitter to show love for your followers and friends. You can do so by; Retweeting interesting tweets, recommend interesting users on #FollowFriday, thank people who recommend you, reply and engage with your followers and much more. Just be human and the magic will happen.


I have to stress that increasing your followers count shouldn’t be your top priority, there are a lot of more important stuff to focus on. Just do the above and make sure to be as human as possible and with time your twitter community will increase and be one of the most loved channels in your sphere. I would like to read your feedback if you tried any of the above techniques earlier or if you have any other techniques that I am not aware of.
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