My name is Firas Steitiyeh, I’m a 25-year-old Jordanian Tech guy with a huge passion for the Internet and Technology.  I was born in Kuwait and was raised in Jordan. My family had a HUGE role in what I have reached today or who I am for that,  I would like to thank my Mother, Father, Brother and Sister. I am happily married to my queen Ayah Na’san, who you guys are going to hear a lot about over here, since she is actually my partner in everything and she is the biggest supporter of mine. I am going to briefly tell you how my story began starting with the computer invention reaching to where we are today.

It all began when I first got my Commodore 64 back in the late 80s. I remember thinking to myself I have to know how this “thing” works, so I kept at it till I ended up the person I am today. I went from generation to generation when it came to the use of the Internet and computers in general. Aging back to Freetel, mIRC, Nets Online, Netscape Navigator, ICQ and the very first generation of Yahoo! until this very day where I am still diving into the sea of the World Wide Web.

I am specializing in Social Media and Internet Marketing, so far I have helped various startups in building their online strategies and their social media presence and most importantly; monetizing their traffic. SteitBlog will be my means of communicating to all of you, my on-going journey of almost 20 years of technology and the Internet.

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