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Is Google Buzz going to buzz?

February 10, 2010

Last night the announcement and launch of Google Buzz buzzed the whole sphere on all levels. But the question is: “Is Google Buzz going to buzz on the long-term or it’s going to be a momentum and that’s it?” I personally have various concerns about Google Buzz specially that it still has not yet been […]

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Apple’s iPad is out!

January 27, 2010

Apple just revealed the long-waited iPad (aka iSlate, iTablet, Apple Tablet) shocking everyone with the specs and surprises they announced. The iPad specifications up to my knowledge are: 1- 1GHz Apple A4 chip 2- Storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. 3- Wi-Fi 802.11n 4- Battery life: 10 hours 5- Full Capacity Multi-touch. 6- 9.7” LCD. 7- 0.5” […]

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7 Reasons why to get Darren’s 31DBBB workbook

January 16, 2010

Darren Rowse, the author of “31 days to build a better blog”, is re-launching his e-book and giving out 3 FREE bonuses to all of those who get it before the 19th of January. I got my copy earlier when Darren launched it the first time and I will be sharing with you guys different […]

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Online Profits To Open Its Doors Tomorrow

January 5, 2010

Tomorrow On The 18th of January, Online Profits is opening its doors for the 2nd year! Online Profits, by Daniel Scocco, is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) collaboration program available on the Internet that takes you hand by hand on how to create your online business, traffic it and monetize it! I […]

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Go with your blog “Beyond Blogging”

December 28, 2009

Last night my friends Mike and Nathan have launched officially their long awaited book, Beyond Blogging! What makes Beyond Blogging different than other ebooks in the market is that Mike and Nathan took the responsibility to go beyond copy and pasting the interviews with the Star Bloggers to assemble an ebook and sell for the […]

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7 things we should learn from Avatar

December 25, 2009

Tonight I finally went to watch Avatar with my wife and friends, it was amazing and really cool, I dont know if it was because it’s the first 3D movie I watch! The movie was like 3-hours long and I couldn’t resist taking notes on my iPhone for this article! I think all bloggers should […]

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3 People Who Would Benefit From Google’s Real-Time Search

December 8, 2009

Earlier yesterday Google launched it’s long-awaited feature, which is the Real-Time Search. Real Time search is currently available to limited users, but will go globally for the public within the coming days. I personally use Twitter’s search for tracking the newest trend of a certain topic, since Twitter is the biggest real-time community on the […]

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Build Your Mailing List NOW

November 9, 2009

Any website/blog on the Internet is measured by its number of users regardless the traffic. So how big is the mistake to start working on your blog for months and promote it aggressively, have killer content that consumed over 70% of your time without having a database of your users’ details (their names and emails, […]

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Ping! iPhone-to-iPhone Messaging

November 3, 2009

I always heard of BlackBerry’s BBM and how people just can’t live without their BB and their addiction to the BBM. Honestly, I am not a fan of BlackBerry and never tried it either; I just believe that it has nothing unique! Please don’t tell me “e-mail access”, Push E-mail could be setup on all […]

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