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Is Google Buzz going to buzz?

February 10, 2010

Last night the announcement and launch of Google Buzz buzzed the whole sphere on all levels. But the question is: “Is Google Buzz going to buzz on the long-term or it’s going to be a momentum and that’s it?” I personally have various concerns about Google Buzz specially that it still has not yet been […]

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3 People Who Would Benefit From Google’s Real-Time Search

December 8, 2009

Earlier yesterday Google launched it’s long-awaited feature, which is the Real-Time Search. Real Time search is currently available to limited users, but will go globally for the public within the coming days. I personally use Twitter’s search for tracking the newest trend of a certain topic, since Twitter is the biggest real-time community on the […]

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How to create a “Public Wave” in Google Wave?

November 4, 2009

I was really excited when I received my Google Wave invitation and couldn’t wait to try it but when I did, I was disappointed for many reasons. It bothered me to realize that there were no people over there, it’s like being on an island by yourself. If you are getting the same feeling, you […]

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6 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

October 31, 2009

In the fourth chapter of Healthy Blogging, you will be taken through multiple ways of monetizing your blog. I will be briefing you about them in this post, but I will be publishing posts for each one where I will be concentrating on each one separately. 1- Ad Networks You can easily subscribe to different […]

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Is “Google Wave” a tide or a current?

October 21, 2009

I still remember when Google Wave was announced back in May and they had this amazing video produced about it and how it’s going to change the web. I immediately downloaded the video and watched it around 3 times, and I remember I even watched it with co-workers at work in the meeting room, it […]

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How To Make Google Love Your Blog

October 19, 2009

A lot of my friends and readers ask me all the time: “why doesn’t Google crawl my site?” “how can I make Google index more pages of my site” and the most repeated question “how can I make Google love my blog more?”. Today I am going to answer those questions and share with you […]

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