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7 sins that could kill your blog

October 15, 2009

1- Too many messages As I mentioned earlier, you should decide on which topic you’re going to talk about on your blog before you even start blogging, because you need to set this issue clear with yourself and your readers from day one. Talking about almost everything is no good for you nor for your […]

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WordPress Installation Guide

October 13, 2009

WordPress is a well known blogging platform which was established in 2003 to enhance the typography of everyday writing. Nowadays, it is the number one blogging platform on the web with a market share of larger than any other platform. WordPress which is owned by Automattic, provides its users with two different blogging solutions, the […]

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22 Plugins I use on SteitBlog

October 8, 2009

Today I will be sharing with you guys the plugins I use on SteitBlog and which I really think you should be using as well. There are thousands of plugins that can be downloaded and used, but each blogger has his own set of plugins that he won’t start a blog without having them installed. […]

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Build an affordable brand for your blog

October 7, 2009

Before I start talking about creating an affordable brand, I have to set one main point clear. A lot of people do not know what does a brand actually means, a brand is not only the name of your product; a brand is what people think and say about it! A brand has two sides, […]

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Healthy blogging 101 – Chapter 1

October 5, 2009

I will be sharing some tips with you guys about how to start a proper blog and have it ready to be monetized and generate a decent amount of money. There are a lot of schools in the industry of blogging and the way it’s done, so all the information that I will be sharing […]

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Review: Do more, Code less with Thesis

October 3, 2009

It took me a while to choose which theme to use for SteitBlog, I was confused whether to use Thesis or Headway (a theme that is competing Thesis) after a long research and a bit of messing around with Headway, I decided to go with Thesis. There are many reasons that made go for Thesis […]

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